Auto Load Setup
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Talons2006Service is a Windows Servioce that will run at set times on the Server and import data as follows

Ward Costcentre (Dept Mappings) files        


Ward/Unit Transfers, Account class Changes, SNAP, baby Deliveries, Episode Deletions in files like


Patient Detail information, Demographic


APP2 Outpatient Information


Morbidity Coding and DRG information


Img2 Radiology Data


These files will be updated automatically, bioth Daily, and Monthly.

Daily Update “trickle” files include changes since the last run to the data collected, as recoded by changes in Audit records on HBCIS and other methods.

Monthly Files look at a large data set and force monthly Patient treated episodes to be included even if not changed.

Note that files will be decompressed by “gunzip” automatically and placed into the user temp  directory. Once completed the uncompressed will be deleted and the compressed files moved to the loaded subdirectory.