Host Control
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Host Control is a look only  sort of thingy..

The Main Tab

Talons Refresh information

HBCIS Refresh

Selecting the host (when not grayed) switches HBCIS boxes for those with the pleasure of more than one, for this tab and other TABS

Selecting the TLA (when not grayed) switches the context to that TLA for this and other tabs for TLA specific options.

What to do

Here "you" can Stop and start the HBCIS Talons Daemon, and trigger trickle extracts fpor the TLA selected, and see if it is running

What to See

You can see when the last "Daily" trickle feed "started" (AA.T_SQL.D.<tla>) and Monthly refreshed requested were run.(AA.T_SQL.M.<tla>) or (AA.T_SQL.R.<tla>) 

Daemon Settings

What to see, times of runs , Run Times, and Run Flags

What to do, - nuttin!!!!!!

Feeder Modules

What to see, what runs on HBCIS

What to do, - nuttin!!!!!!