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Talons SQL

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Talons SQL is a suite of SQL,   Visual Basic, and Reality® Data basic programs that bring data from a wide range of sources using the available legacy tools characteristic of the Reality®  Pick environment such as telnet and FTP, as well as import from Text file, OLEDB, ODBC and other sources into a common location and format. Once there, SQL procedures, functions and statements, as well as programs  act over the data perform a number of tasks for data management and extraction to the costing system in use.

While not intended to be a comprehensive data warehouse, it functions as a Costing data repository and at that stage can provide comprehensive reporting access based on linked episode data for QC and other purposes before taking data onto Costing systems.

The Main data source is of course the HBCIS PAS (Patient Administration System) system in use in QLD. Talons SQL leverages a significant experience on the size, location and type of HBCIS data gained over many years in developing and supporting Talons (Reality®  Version). It interfaces with that system by the exchange of files via FTP several times per day. The impact on the HBCIS box and the effect of processing, disk space, transaction logging, and network bandwidth were foremost in development, leading to interchanges in the kb size rather than many megabytes. The “Trickle feed” routines are designed to run in a more superficial mode in business hours and do more intensive searching for changes e.g. prior year UR merges after hours. A side benefit of Talons SQL is that disk usage on the HOST HBCIS box is very significantly reduced, in addition Talons SQL can more efficiently monitor changes to HBCIS data, and this reduces the scale of downstream processing as well. The System can however read data via more modern tools from any source of PAS information.

Other Data sources are not limited. Currently ODBC and legacy text files are the major secondary sources. These include Laboratory, Pharmacy, Radiology corporate systems as well as a significant number of very site specific “feeder systems”

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