Talons Menu
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This is the TALONS menu; this is not where we discuss the specific menu options, just the form of the menu.

It is a dynamic menu, with its options stored in a table on the database.

It takes the form of a two pane mouse choice menu. It cannot be operated by keyboard.

On the left ladies and gentlemen - We have the list of menus -  and on the right -  The menus for your degustation and deglutition.

It is important to note that some (but not all) options selected run modally off this form, that is MS-speak and means that the options run on TOP of the menu, and that until they are closed the menu cannot be activated.

There are liberal placing of Exit options, however the red X at the top will work cleanly as well.

Talons graphic courtesy of my Mum, see http://www.sheilawhite.com.au

p.s. we decided the blood drops on the talons had to go, did not want to frighten the kiddies

Menu Management See here