ESM Generic Mapping
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Due to Customer demands ��

A new feature in the Generic (not PAH/STH) ESM system now exists

The Mapping table can be exported for editing in excel

Import will merge changes and append new.

An error in the handling of Commas in the export and import is resolved

I must note that adding new has only one purpose to do a date split on an existing row

Unlike in the prior Dept Mapping system where all were exported, and rows could be pasted, that is not the same.

In the new system

As this table has ALL the rows found in the data. Adding other lines has NO purpose at all

Duplicated lines will merely ensure that last of the duplicates is used, a line by line update and insert process is used to maintain the primary key of the table

Use of the Missing and ALL spreadsheets generated on load in the past form is NOT!!!! Permitted as they do not have the correct columns.

These export formats will be updated to match shortly.

Generate your own MISSING XXXX99 & DBNU99 files using filters and export them until that occurs

There is no room for variation in the new method.

Date range mapping is only to be used where a Clinic/type/provider/resource changes

When someone leaves to NOT dead end their mapping, certainly split them, map the post termination dept to DNBU99 - you will never know that they are not coming back !!!

All mappings must cover from 1/1/1900 to 1/1/2100 00:00:00

will filter to same location, provider, appt_type resource, resource_cd and facility_code


Clicking Date Split Mode while on a specific row or cell in that row (here the BOTTOM ROW)

Important Point

Please note that once split, you can then edit the new date range row and change the dept code, unit, division

If you split a row and dont change anything, then it does not matter as the full date range is covered in two or more mappings.


If you wish to dead end a particular mapping, split it on its termination date, end of clinic date whatever .. and assign DNBU99 as the last dept.

Later if they return (Resource) or change mind, you can split the last record on their reappointment date and assign a new value to the mappingor replace DBNU99 with correct dept. The Split does not need to be removed..

A by product of this function allows you so filter very narrowly to a specific mapping for all start dates and check for consistency, then edit as required then click cancel split and save.

Save button will no longer exit, use cancel and exit after save to exit or close form at top right.

The ability to change start and end dates manually has been removed