Dept Mapping
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Editing and Adding Mapping Entries (Ward Costcentres)

Dept Mapping Entry Form

Use the FIND box to find records that match your search.

Most fields offer drop down options.

Find Box and Button

Finds records with matching text in the Dept Code

Talons Dept Code

Auto Created view only field


Keep is snappy

Feeder System

Entered for new codes, use the Drop down box

Native Code

As supplied by the source system


use the drop down box

Ward type

Use the Drop down box

Clinical Unit

Free Text

Campus Number

Use the drop down box

Start Date / End Date

Each record in this table is unique based on the Company TLA, the CAMPUS TLA, the Talons Code and the Start Date. Each record defines the mapping for the period between start date and time and end date and times inclusive. Ensure you have sufficient records to cover all periods from before we started TALONS to after we are long gone from this mortal toil - by default 1/1/1961 to 1/1/2100

If you create overlapping records the result will be speculative and possible interesting.

View Dept Mapping Table

This tabular form can also be used to edit the mappings. Note that it is dependent on you to make sure that start and end dates do not overlap and do cover all periods. A process to check this will probably alter your incorrect entries at some point.

You can click the columns heading to alter the sort. The form is re-sizable as well.

Verify Dates allows the checking of date variable mappings, correcting some entries, but generally highlighting problems that you will need to fix

The Filter box can be used to filter the visible rows to those containing the string supplied in any of the important fields.

Please note that the filter box value is kept from one session to another

Special Mappings for UL XV OP

Exporting/Importing an Excel File using Export/Import toolbar button

Dept Mappings can be cut and paste into Excel spreadsheets

Delivery Suite Feeder Mappings ZZYY99

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