Discharge Reconciliation
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ADM HBCIS/TALONS Discharge Reconciliation

The menu options provides a screen of data showing INPATIENT counts by Year/Month in several tables

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Send email of table and CSV file to standard email recipients


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Leave screen  - or use the RED X

A summary of this data is emailed daily if appropriate


27 Sep 2012 10:22 HBCIS Talons Discharge Reconciliation
| TLA | CMP | Year | Month | T2K6_Dis | HBCIS_Dis | Delta | Util Delta | HBCIS Date        |
| GCH | GCH | 2012 |     8 |     8056 |      8057 |    -1 |         -1 | 27 Sep 2012 10:06 |

Is a summary of the current discharge reconciliation where Delta ( the usual symbol for difference) is not zero

Be aware but not alarmed...

These will crop up and vanish as the system process Merges and deletions made on HBCIS and can persist till Night Daemon runs made in the following evening

In this case SPECIFCALLY we see

Now when we look all is resolved

When errors persist over shall we say 24 hours especially in older months - Then we need to do something as the self - healing logic has been defeated usually by a very messy complex merge, shuffle and lambada with one or more patients.

Usually requesting a Months Extracts with re-load will fix it

If the Problem is only UTIL delta.. try ADM Products Reconcile and flag and reprocess