Application Setup
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If for any reason your server connection is not set up, or broken, When first installed, or if you stickybeak too much, you may see this screen.

You can also access this screen from here

See Also Drive Mapping

The settings in this screen will be advised to you in a licence document or at installation.

If you get here, you are in big trouble; however you will be provided a checklist of the settings that go here.

Developer mode

Shows more verbose SQL  messages

Intellimerge Debug Mode

Shows more verbose SQL  messages from the Intellimerge process

Transaction Logging Mode

Wishful thinking as it takes far far too long

Talons Data  Randomiser

You will never know


This will set you up to use EDISEF instead of old EDIS extracts, both will work

Temp Database

This is usually talonstemp, the .. will be added by default

AE and OP Episode Prefixes

Not used at this time, leave blank

Radiology System


Current Inpatient Calc

Tonight is the go

Theatre System

ORMIS or TMS2 (however not important as some sites use both!!)

Dependency System

PDS2 rarely usually TCARE

OP System


File and System key

T_SQL now only supported

Allied Health System

Various fields and some other buttons and boxes for PI5. Please note if using PI5 it must be set here on your workstation

Service Sites

A list of Company TLAs for which the Automatic importer will run, this is a global setting

Service Times

The list of times that the IMPORT service will run, these are set to be alb hour after the files are started to be  created. It can be set more often, if there is nothing to do, nothing will be done.

In the situation where a file is trying to be read as it is being loaded via FTC, there will be no deadlock, the file should be read next time, and error may be sent! this is a global setting

Service Status

Double click here if you wish to change the service status  IF YOU DARE!!! :) See Below

Min Mail Level

Sets the level at which service messages will be sent

  1. Information Messages to do with the service only e.g. sleeping, starting etc.
  2. More detailed Information Messages
  3. Not specifically assigned at this time
  4. No files found
  5. Error conditions and URGENT messages

Service Mail Enabled

Determines if the Service will send any email messages at all.

Service Logs

Folder where Log and Error Log files generated by the service will be placed. If not a local drive, use a UNC

File Locations

Use the browse to find the compression utility files installed in the application directory. If the application install directory changes - Talons SQL will attempt to locate new locations. It expects files to be located next to the Talons SQL.exe file!!!

DO NOT USE UNC's for these

Tables for UR

This is a list of Tables that will be searched for UR numbers with no matching Patient Details Record. Usually as shown above.

Re-index Database

All users of this database, at all sites, off the system this could take some hours. Use the TALONS Locks utility to check if anyone has any LOCKS set and that only the service session has a lock other than your session. Stop the Service (double click on the Service Status)

Do this only under advice!!!

Copy Menus

Makes a copy of the menus for all registered sites

Copy Views

Makes a copy of all user views for all sites for low level - read only  -see only your own data - users.

Re-load Schema

Re populated the tblTableStructures which has the fields in all the views and tables.

View View definitions

This was designed with a view to view the views so you can view them which in my view will not be necessary but that also depends on your view too!

Restarting the Service

It is safe to do if the two following items are in the LOCK table Dormant/NBR and Service Sleeping