UNC and All that Jazz
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A standard Microsoft File Dialog box is used throughout Talons SQL

Whis allows you to navigate to the correct folder and click a file or files (use the ctrl key)

Files of Type

use this to filter to specific CAMPUS files, or ALL Campus files or ALL Files (*.*)

File Name

Used to display the file()s you have selected


Used to Proceed on


used to not proceed on

The Toolbar on the left

can be used to select alternate locations

Look in

Can show you where you are and a quick way to get somewhere else.

Special Note

You may not know that in this "Dialog box" you can use the right mouse button to cut, copy, paste, and delte files, create new folders and generally do anything at all that you can do in Windows Explorer. This applys to ALL applications that use this feature e.g. Word, Excel etc. If you have winzip installed you can also open and extract files from an Archive. On most systems you can also scan for viruses.

Super Special Note

When assigning Paths to files, never use a Mapped drive, always go to the <Network Neighbourhood> or <My Network Places> to get to the files

Mappings are ephemeral (they come and go) and may not be available to the Service account if you choose to run the Autoload service.

If you cannot locate it in this way, type it in manually as a UNC <\\servername\share\folder\filename>

For the current implementation, use D:\talons\talons\<TLA> or thereabouts.

Super Duper Special Note

Talons allows the dynamic creation of a Drive Letter (usually T:) that has special shares created for it and is used to map to the server.

These are the secret notes from the code that tell the programmer to not stuff it up.

'-- we should set the server shares so they can be accessed either by Mapped drive or UNC

'-- share x:\talons\talons as talons                    *** \\server\talons        and t:\ ***  

'-- and note x:\talons\talons\tla = t:\tla

'-- share x:\talons\talons\Service_Logs as Service_logs *** \\server\Service_logs  and t:\Service_logs ***

'-- share x:\talons\talons\WS_Log_Files as WS_Log_Files *** \\server\WS_Log_Files  and t:\WS_Log_Files ***

Universal Naming Convention (UNC)

A convention for naming files and other resources beginning with two backslashes (\), indicating that the resource exists on a network computer. UNC names conform to the \\SERVERNAME\SHARENAME syntax, where SERVERNAME is the server's name and SHARENAME is the name of the shared resource. The UNC name of a directory or file can also include the directory path after the share name, with the following syntax: \\SERVERNAME\SHARENAME\DIRECTORY\FILENAME.

Uniform Resource Locator (URL) - Not used by Talons SQL

An address that uniquely identifies a location on the Internet. A URL for a World Wide Web site is preceded with http://, as in the fictitious URL http://www.example.microsoft.com/. A URL can contain more detail, such as the name of a page of hypertext, usually identified by the file name extension .html or .htm.