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Logfiles are usually stored in a directory below where the ADM files are placed


The Filenames are like

this is the server, share, folder, machine subfolder, date and hour and TLA

Error Logfiles

Copies of All error messages are stored in the Error Logfiles Folder and are named like "RBH_2006-01-21_Error.log"

Service Logfiles

Logfiles for the background service are Usually stored on the Server at the same Level as the Site folders in a folder called "Service Logs". The Filenames are like

This Is the server, share,date and hour and TLA

Service Error Logfiles

Service Error Logs are in the same folder named like


'-- we should set the server shares so they can be accessed either by Mapped drive or UNC

'-- share x:\talons\talons as talons                    *** \\server\talons        and t:\ ***  

'-- and note x:\talons\talons\tla = t:\tla

'-- share x:\talons\talons\Service_Logs as Service_logs *** \\server\Service_logs  and t:\Service_logs ***

'-- share x:\talons\talons\WS_Log_Files as WS_Log_Files *** \\server\WS_Log_Files  and t:\WS_Log_Files ***