FTP Servers Setup
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Talons 2006 Will if setup correctly, import files from defined FTP locations, compress them if required and store them in the correct location for processing, all without smoke or mirrors.

A drop down list of Sources will let you define settings for each one, which must be SAVEd to be stored.

Initial directory should be in the relative form e.g.

For most Data the user is auslab, and the password is - <secret> hah - fooled you.

The Host is the IP address of the AS400





The Pattern is best defined not as shown but as TLAL*.CSV for example for Auslab and TLAP*.CSV for Stocca. The TLA section will be magically converted to the appropriate CAMPUS TLA or Company TLA in this Case RCH at runtime.

Setting the hostname to UNK disables the FTP for that Data Source.

When Data is being transferred this window will display briefly.

Auto FTP will Copy files already in the folder

Auto FTP will NOT Copy files already in the loaded folder.

If you have a new version of a file for a period, e.g. it has been re-run or you have (horror of horrors) EDITED it, remove it from the loaded directory, rename it, or move it to another directory

After this window disappears you MAY experience a slight delay before the files magically appear in the OPEN file selection Dialog box.

FTP will also copy extracts to the AS400 in due course.