File Compression
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How very odd, why "gz" not "zip"

ZIP files are a compressed file archive, (under windows XP they can be a "Folder" of files), with as many files in there as you like. The names of the files have  no required relationship between the archive filename and the filenames, folders and such inside it.

note -  an "Archive" has implicit the storage of more than one file per Archive.

gzip - gz and ".Z" files are just a single file compressed. The compressed file contains nothing but the compressed file, not even the file name!

Talons Data is mostly sourced from UNIX systems, gzip and gunzip, compress and uncompress a programs freely available for the Unix environment, AS400 environment and even good old MSDOS.

Wherever possible gzip has been used in Talons SQL

Other types of compressed file

tar.gz, tgz

a unix tar archive file containing files and or folders of files, then compressed with gzip. See


files compressed with "compress" and uncompressed with "uncompress", both standard unix commands


A file archive standard in the public domain developed by PKware some years ago. Supported by XP Plus, Winzip, pkzip and others see Without a doubt the most popular in the Windows world, but not in unix, linux or other environments.


Huffman's archive


Microsoft cabinet archive of files



etc etc etc