XVI, X, IX and XV OP extracts
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When combinations of campus and feeder selection criteria are ticked, the appropriate feeders are selected, however these can be refined as desired within limits of course.

The Form close Progress bar at the bottom is reset by actions like running extracts, and after completion of extracts resets to a short delay before closing the form, - so someone else can do extracts of course.

Note New Feeder Selection Criteria tick boxes

New .. XV data for ED

Any ED patient also gets an XV_EMG record whether sourced from HBCIS, CBHREDIT or EDIS. This record now also has those fields HKKJCF/HKKKCF but also has the CFAU funding field and PHASE field populated QREVENUE (HKV2BR) and QPHASE (HKOWCD)

These match the XVIP usage

As this data is grouped elsewhere and returned.. it was necessary to provide a separate XV EMG extract process able to operate without creating XVI feeder files. XV_OP and XV_EMG and XV_UL have close associations with XVI under normal programming and the XV_EMG option has been added to that screen XVI, X , IX and XV OP extracts button

The extract form has had an additional button added. XV EMG

To use..