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XVI Utilisation Record Counts Preview

A new approach to facilitate pre-xvi extract preparation is now included in the XVI, X and XVOP screen by means of a Preview button.

This allows the date range selected for a batch to be displayed in an Excel file

Note only the date criteria of the batch are parameterised to the view, all Campuses and Feeders are shown in the spreadsheet irrespective of the “ticked” selection in the batch!!!

It is important that you try and keep the “spreadsheets” in the “spreadsheets” folder on the T: drive..

Note the filename default includes the date range and the batch number

Please be patient, it can take a little while especially if the system is busy.. minutes, not days but.

The spreadsheet

(this is not live data!! And includes a wide date range)

This is the equivalent query and is shown in the XVI form

SELECT Company_TLA, Campus_TLA, Feeder_Code, SYSTEM_TYPE, YR, MTH, Month, FiscalPeriod, DaysInMonth, Records Counted FROM iph_Util_Record_Counts_complex WHERE (FiscalPeriod >= 201305 AND FiscalPeriod <= 201308) OR FiscalPeriod IS NULL ORDER BY isnull(YR,9999), isnull(MTH,99), System_Type, Campus_TLA, Feeder_Code

What are we looking for? 

Record Counts of three types are displayed

Only these are meaningful:

Compare a good month with this month then and only then