Episode Matching Test
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A screen to test and view episode detail for patients at given dates and times

The top panels will show All the loaded episode of all types for a specific URNO, the bottom panels shows the matches for the numbers provided

Previous values are stored for your re-use.


Talons SQL Episode ID - of no interest

Company TLA


Campus TLA



The Episode, Please do note, while HBCIS systems do have the URNO as part of an Episode ID, it is possible that in the life of Talons SQL this will not always be the case. That is a quirk of HBICS/MDIS/HOMER, and is not widespread in Helath Software>


The URNO see above


A, E, I, O, (and U but not here) Allied Health, Emergency, Inpatient, Outpatient and Unlinked. Odd really.


Admit Date and time, drag the Column width wider to see the time if required


Disch Date and time, drag the Column width wider to see the time if required

Creating Feeder

The Feeder that created this Episode, ADM, EDISEF, APP etc. Note Error episodes are not in this list they are created on the fly.

Cancelled Date

Last Updated

For some feeders this may be the date imported into Talons SQL, for ADM data it is the date of the most recent change to the Admission record for any reason.

Imported From

The file from which this episode was Addeed or most recenrly updated

Using the tester

Please note Previous values are stored for your re-use from one time to the next.

URNO field

Enter the URNO as stored in on T2 and in TALONS. Mapping of prefixes occurs at Export from HBCIS. A ? in the field, then press test will select a patient for the correct TLA with several IP episodes at least.

Date time of Service Field

Use 00:00 for unknown time

Requesting Feeder

Use ANY for a generic search

Requesting Campus TLA


Test Button

Click to view the best match