Workstation Installations
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Setting Up Talons SQL (New Installs Only)

Check that C:\Program Files\CSH Consultants\Talons2006 does not exist, if it does contact your Workstation Admin and have it properly uninstalled by a local machine admin if the talons2006.exe file is not this year 2013 or later, otherwise click on the file as in point 4 and perform updates


  1. In your browser go to: (see Installation Files)
  2. Select this file:   Talons2006_Updates/, unzip it and save the MSI, make sure its date is reasonably recent 
  3. Click on the file and install the MSI as local user not administrator.  Note any messages
  4. After install navigate to the C:\Program Files\CSH Consultants\Talons2006 select the Talons2006.exe file and double click. There are two files, one is an exe file (application) the other is an ICON, pick the bigger one if you can't see the .exe extension
  5. It will prompt for site - use (your site ID ie MKY) and it will connect and also create Shortcuts in the menu - these may need to be copied to the desktop (if you prefer them on your desktop).
  6. If it does not prompt for a site code (it has been installed at some point before see top point…)
  7. User will be <server short name>\talons with <a password can be told to you by DSAT> as the password. See Application Setup
  8. SQL server will be <server full name> ie (This is also destination for rdp settings.)
  9. If and when the red update available icon displays on the menu top left, click it and it will turn amber, and when it turns green, click it again..

                                                                                   Red then through Amber to Green

  10. Check the envelope ICON and that email messages are going to be sent to the correct addresses.. send a test email, invoke a fake error and email it..

                                           The Drum and Envelope Icons

                                                           The Mail settings form

  11. When talons opens to menu, use drum (cylinder) icon on lower toolbar to check server settings, ensure drive mapping is ticked on, with persist connection on, and the drive settings are set to “T:” drive and look okay. Check default file location is on the mapped drive usually "T:" e.g. T:\MKY or T:\TALONS\MKY

NB Steps 8, 9, 10 & 11  are a check only, and should not need any input.