Where are my Extracts
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Talons loads Load files and creates extracts for T2.. do not confuse the two quite distinct issues 

Extracts are created in your workstation temp folders then copied to the EXTRACTS folder in the standard Default files location

this may be at T:\<your Company TLA>\EXTRACTS.. and follow the folders for the type of extracts and batch number

e.g. T:\RBH\EXTRACTS\XVIP\Batch 0010116

They can be copied from there to the AS400 using Iseries Navigator

If your drive mapping is NOT enabled and set up correctly - time to fix it

if you are desperate and they are not on T:\ drive and not on the AS400..

in windows explorer, (windows XP is a little different)

enter %temp% in the folder bar.. and <enter> search there for folder and files

Use Windows Search to look for the files you noramlly find on the AS400 ( look for *.gz on C:\ and D:\drives)

Why are they not on the AS400????

If YOUR WORKSTATION FTP settings are correctly set, they will be on the AS400, if they are not then YOUR WORKSTATION  settings are not correct.

 You will need to know your connection settings.. if you don't.. you do need to find someone who does. This is Site responsibility, not CSH

These are the settings for EXTRACTS to FTP

The IP address is the IP address of the AS400 currnetly

The folder is where you want them put

/home/talons/<ZZZ>talon (where ZZZ is your site company tla in lower case)

User is <ZZZ>ftp (where ZZZ is your site company tla in lower case) 

The password is not something CSH can tell you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Or if the "COPY SERVER" button is not greyed you can copy the settings from the TALONS Server settings..

once set, next to TEST place a start * (shift 8) and click test and you will see if it now connects

FTP Passive should be ticked, FTP Enabled Ticked and Clever Ticked