When do Imports Run? when can I/cant I do extracts?
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If, when you start an XVI batch, the DATA_CONTROL lock is set by an import process run by the background import service on the Server, you will see a message asking if you want it to wait and then run or cancel. (see application setup/lock table)

Imports run 4 times a day, starting with the arrival of the TBA "finished" file from HBCIS, this morning 05:45, The main Campus TLA is expected to take longer  so the others will have finished by then. The system looks for the main Campus TLA finished file only.

Dir t:\tba\loaded\TBA*fin*

04/03/2013  05:46 AM               160 TBA.01619FINISHED.T_SQL.txt.gz

04/03/2013  11:46 AM               160 TBA.01620FINISHED.T_SQL.txt.gz

04/03/2013  03:45 PM               159 TBA.01621FINISHED.T_SQL.txt.gz

04/03/2013  09:18 PM               159 TBA.01622FINISHED.T_SQL.txt.gz

05/03/2013  05:45 AM               159 TBA.01623FINISHED.T_SQL.txt.gz

And this morning the load completed at 06:10, the morning load is one of the "night moves" loads so is usually a little longer, but the longest will be the 21:18 load

Dir t:\tba\tba*

5/03/2013  05:57 AM            17,906 TBADIAGREQUESTS.CSV.gz

5/03/2013  06:11 AM           638,993 TBAEPISODELIST.CSV.gz

5/03/2013  06:10 AM             1,202 TBAURREQUESTS.CSV.gz

So say half an hour, it does vary so

So for you at TBA, Not between 11:45 and 12:15, and 15:45 and 15:15 is safe

If you start a batch at 11:44 it should hold the import till the batch is finished.., so dont be surprised if you can't run another batch.

Your scheduled XVIP will run at 05:15-ish and will add to that time but if you want to XVI then thats fine J

Application setup / HOST control option shows the three schedules of the start of the HBCIS process

You have three boxes, but one is not yours to control.. J


04/03/2013  05:35 AM               160 WAR.01618FINISHED.T_SQL.txt.gz

04/03/2013  11:35 AM               160 WAR.01619FINISHED.T_SQL.txt.gz

04/03/2013  03:35 PM               160 WAR.01620FINISHED.T_SQL.txt.gz

04/03/2013  09:05 PM               160 WAR.01621FINISHED.T_SQL.txt.gz

05/03/2013  05:35 AM               160 WAR.01622FINISHED.T_SQL.txt.gz


04/03/2013  05:35 AM               157 KBH.01713FINISHED.T_SQL.txt.gz

04/03/2013  11:36 AM               160 KBH.01714FINISHED.T_SQL.txt.gz

04/03/2013  03:35 PM               160 KBH.01715FINISHED.T_SQL.txt.gz

04/03/2013  09:06 PM               159 KBH.01716FINISHED.T_SQL.txt.gz

05/03/2013  05:35 AM               160 KBH.01717FINISHED.T_SQL.txt.gz