XV Inpatient Extract
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Running extracts is a two step process, selecting the records required (add them to the bucket)  then extracting them (take the episode in the bucket and put them in an extract)

The selection process is displayed, but note that the options ticked are run one after the other.. and if an option puts an episode "in the bucket" and it would be selected by another option, it will not be if it is already "in the bucket"

Selection Options


Include All Changed Records **


Adds records where data has changed since last XVIP extract (to the bucket)

Current Inpatients


Adds Undischarged Patients

Force List


Add patients from the Force list  form

Include Date Range


Add patients treated (not discharges!!) between dates (those in house at start and admitted between)

Include Incompletes from Previous Runs **


Where fields are tagged as mandatory and are blank, records are added to the Bucket

** The "Changed and Incomplete Discharges ONLY >=" provides a date limit for "Include All Changed Records" & "Include Incompletes from Previous Runs" option only


The Form close Progress bar at the bottom is reset by actions like running extracts, and after completion of extracts resets to a short delay before closing the form, - so someone else can do extracts of course.

Send Patients Names in extracts, allows some selection of options

Names in Proper Case send them as White, James, otherwise all UPPER CASE is used

Surname,Given send the Surname and Given name in the Surname field

Re-compile T1HKCPP recreates the data for all selected records in this Batch from the local source of Data, use only when advised to do so

Debug Mode creates a sample set of data with just a few records and as well, HEADERS in the Output file, and column delimiters and padding.

Multiple choice

Selection can actually add multiple different selections options to the bucket, e.g. one can do different non consecutive months if required, each selection requires its own click, note that any one episode will only be selected once, multiple selection options at the same time need only one click. This is complex but also easy to do, just choose, then select, choose again then select again, to unselect all you have selected for this batch, click reset.. - simple.

Do remember to Purge ALL once extracts are fully loaded into T2..