New Feeders Howto
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This is a description of the process and you can follow the steps.

Do not try this (red) at home as someone may be maimed or injured.

Some step you can do, (green)

With satellite feeders.. Just because you are getting data from a source and it has some WOOPWOOP data in it, all of a sudden, that does not mean it will suddenly load, create data, and extracts.. There is no magic in Talons Dorothy..

Before the data is loaded (or re-loaded) I need to map from the Module type to the feeder code to be used for that site, so let us say we have a TNAIL feeder with ingrowing toenail data.

ZYZ Main site has module TNAIL and Site XYZ FEEDER Code TNAIL do not do this - I do it

The data is identified somehow as split per site and dept (treatment room and facility code) these will be used to create Departments and to map the data to the correct patients PMI

WoopWoop (TLA WPP) has  Company XYZ, Campus WPP, Module TNAIL, Site Feeder Code WPPTN for example, PMI is defined by facility code and and and

Then in Setup T1  tables I copy Feeder TNAIL to WPPTN and save. It copies all IN ONE GO for  tables T1DKREP, T1HPCPP and T1T8CPP and makes the procedures for mapping and XVEPISODE insertion.

Then I/WE load first Month with WPPTN data in it, noting the dialog telling us that data is found, what PMI prefix will be used and Feeders

Then we check mappings..

Then we load all the months of data we have with WPPTN in it

Then we check mappings..

Then we can use the T1 tables setup to show the T1HPCPP for WPPTN and we click "clip". This will show the SQL working sheet (cannot be edited!!) and - and copy it to your computer clipboard in one go. You do not need to highlight and copy, but you can  IF YOU MUST..

- note the Default values substituted for tokens (%CAMPUSTLA% IN THIS FORM IS A TOKEN for Campus_tla) AND it is not that clever so you will need to correct these later (see below)

Then we check mappings..

Then we can open an SQL tool like WinSQL or similar or even SQL server development studio OR IF YOU HAVE IT an ACCESS adp project connected to the Talons database create a view then switch to "SQL view",

if you know how to get from xl to Microsoft query you will be laughing.. connect to external data source, the Talons database and select options to get you to SQL query builder, varies each time I do it and version of Excel you use.

- not sure about Crystal reports as Crystal  is not native  MS SQL syntax. One of you will know how to paste it in I am sure.

Then we check mappings..

We paste in the Clipboard contents and we change the Campus TLA (important point) and the quickly assigned dummy dates and we look at the top 100 rows of data that will be in our extract. We should never change top 100 to more rows than our SQL tool can handle (note excel 2003 is 32,000 rows or something)

Then we check mappings..

Then we do an XVI for that specific feeder for each month we have data for just WPP WPPTN and unclick single file

Then we look at the T1DKREP YTD CSV file created and emailed to us in the batch  details to get volumes..

Then we check mappings..

No sorry there is no Toenail Feeder in Talons Dorothy either and no I am not the Talons Fairy, I am the Talons Wizard

Then we check mappings..

If you want me to do this - please ask.. it is a smiling service. Please dont load new data without asking and then wonder why it does not work, then try and edit the source data and make it work and and and. Yes Then we check mappings..

Finally - we check mappings